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Transparency and Care

Smidgen Pigeon is dedicated to giving our customers an enjoyable, fair, and rewarding shopping experience. Our store policies are detailed below, please have a look and contact us to learn more. 

    What garments do you use for your products?
    Upcycled garments are painstakingly selected and only items of the best quality and condition are selected.

    How is each product made?
    Each product is hand-dyed by Doreen using a variety of techniques. Professional grade dye is used ensuring beautiful colors that won't fade. Most garments develop for 24-72 hours to allow for the intended color saturation. Then begins the exhaustive rinsing and washing process to remove all unbound dye to make sure your Smidgen Pigeon original won't bleed or run. 

    Could the colors look different when the garment arrives?
    Photos are taken in good light and without filters providing a good rendering of the garments, but variations in screens and pixels need to be taken into account. Because of differences in lighting, monitors, and our own perception, we can't guarantee colors. 

    Can I return my item or get a refund?
    All sales are final. The art of hand-dying is not precise so variation in color and color placement is to be expected. Measurements are included on sized items (unless noted in the product description) to ensure garment fit. 

    Are the sizes universal?
    Upcycled items are laid flat and measured to provide exact length and width to ensure a great fit. Garment brand is also listed. Please note that the dimensions are listed for each item as sizes among brands are not consistent.

    Why does SP include measurements on upcycled garments?
    So you can grab something you love wearing from your closet and measure it. You know a great fit for you.


    To ensure your satisfaction, I will gladly answer any questions you have to provide additional information before purchase. Before placing your order, please contact SP for any questions about fit and color, I'm happy to go over item details with you!